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Marketing that works
for you

(And not the other way around)

You have an amazing business that solves your customers’ problems. But your problem? They don’t understand you or don’t know you exist.

Hi, I’m Ellen. A farm gal turned marketer with experience in working in a tractor and behind a screen. Using a non-sense approach, I take out the fancy marketing jargon and give you relatable marketing strategies your customers will understand. We will work together to figure out how to complete the bridge between you and your customers.

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A boost to your messaging and visuals.

Our Brand Strategy service is designed for people and businesses who want to use social media but find it tricky to get the right people interested in what they offer.

Think of this service as a roadmap that’s tailored just for your business. It helps you figure out what you want to achieve with your social media and how to do it. I’ll work closely with you to understand what makes your brand special and come up with a plan that works for you.

With this service, you’ll get all the tools and advice you need to use social media effectively. You’ll be able to manage your accounts confidently and see real results.

A calendar opened on the table.
  • Audience Analysis
  • Best Practices Guide
  • Content Calendar with:
    • 3 -7 Posts/Week
    • 5-8 Stories/Week
    • Keywords + Hashtags
  • Weekly Outbound Call
  • Data Analysis + Reporting
What you get

Social media

Make your competitors jealous.

If you’re looking to make your online presence pop with eye-catching and unified content, a Social Media Template Design service is just what you need.

Think of it as your creative toolbox, packed with ready-made templates to make your social media posts shine. I’ll work closely with you to grasp your brand vibe and create templates that match your style and message perfectly.

With these templates, keeping a consistent look across your social media is a breeze. Your content will grab attention and connect with your audience effortlessly. Let’s give your social media presence a makeover with custom-designed templates made just for you.

An Iphone showing the Instagram Loading screen.
  • Audience Analysis
  • Best Practices Guide
  • Adobe Express Brand Suite With:
    • Editable Evergreen Posts
    • Story Posts
    • Video Branding
    • Hash Tags + Captions
  • Social Media Starter Posts
  • Content Calendar
  • Social Media How-To
What you get
Someone typing on an Iphone commenting on Instagram.
    • Audience Analysis
    • Content Calendar with:
      • 3 -7 Posts/Week
      • 5-8 Stories/Week
      • Keywords + Hashtags
    • Daily Management
    • Filming Management
    • Weekly Outbound Call
    • Data Analysis + Reporting
What you get

Social media

A truly hands-off experience.

I get it—running a successful business takes a lot of time and energy. That’s why my Social Media Management service is here: to let you focus on what you do best—growing your business.

I handle all the day-to-day tasks. From managing your accounts to creating a personalized social media plan just for your brand, I’ve got it covered.

Depending on what you need, I can come up with content ideas, edit, schedule posts, and engage with your audience. With this hands-on approach, you can forget about the time-consuming parts of social media and put your energy where it matters most—your business.

the process

Where the magic happens

Phase One | Discovery

We start by having a chat to understand your goals and figure out who your audience is. Then, we take a deep dive into your brand and analyze who your customers are. We then create a comprehensive audience overview to guide our strategy.

Phase Two | Refinement

Next, we come up with some ideas that match your strategy and audience. We’ll sketch out some concepts and make a basic plan for when to post.

Phase Three | Finalizing

Here, we get more detailed. We create some sample posts for you to see and tweak, making sure they’re just right before we move forward.

Phase Four | The Launch

It’s time to put everything into action! We finalize your posts and templates, talk about how to make the most of them, and make sure you’re set up to succeed.

Phase Five | Follow Up

After we’ve launched, we’ll check in to see how things are going and keep helping you out with your social media strategy.
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